Secret Tips & Tricks from an Expert Tailor

Sunday , 8, January 2017 Comments Off on Secret Tips & Tricks from an Expert Tailor

An outfit can be good or bad depending on how well it fits. The proper tailoring is everything. People buy things all the time that look great in the store, but when they get it home and actually walk around with it, they realize it just not hanging right. It’s looking lifeless. This is where a good tailor comes in. Tailors can do marvelous things with a sewing machine. The top tailors know a lot of secret tricks of the trade, and two of them were kind enough to share some of their secrets. James Cornwell is a stylist for celebrities, and Nancy Nix-Rice is a wardrobe consultant. The tips and tricks they disclose here will help anyone look their best.

Make Friends with Your Tailor


Tailor friends


According to Cornwell, people who take the time to get to know their tailor will always get better results. This just stands to reason. Knowing the tailor’s name and using it, asking about their family, treating them like a friend will naturally, perhaps sub-consciously, make them want to do a better job. Also, those who take the time to do this will find themselves more comfortable, more trusting of the tailor, and better able to communicate their needs. All of this contributes to a better fit in the end.


Buying Off-the-Rack Isn’t the Right Fit for Everyone

Nix-Rice advises people not to expect clothing from off the rack to fit perfectly. Remember that people come in all shapes and sizes, and clothing will fit better and look classier if it gets fine-tuned by an experienced tailor. It may even make some people look slimmer. Using a tailor to make alterations is a worthy investment, and may even motivate people to buy fewer pieces of clothing but choose higher quality pieces, and look sharper in the process.

Don’t Neglect the Sale Rack


sale rack

Another piece of advice from Cornwell is not to be afraid to look through the sale racks. People can often find some great articles at huge discounts. Everything from suits, pants, shirts and dresses can be found at great prices if someone takes the time to look. If a piece is great but doesn’t quite fit, well, that’s where the tailor comes in once again. Buying something at a great discount will make it worthwhile to have it properly tailored, especially for people on a budget.
Nix-Rice agrees, and adds “This is an amazing way to get customized pieces at a fraction of the cost.” Her advice is to buy big, and things can always be reduced, but nothing can be made bigger. She says to buy something that fits the largest part of the body, and if the rest is too large, it can be tailored down to fit. Here is her expert advice on how to do this the right way:
“Go for a sleek, body-skimming fit over bulk every time. For instance, if you need a larger pant size for your hips, of course you’ll want the waist made smaller. But also have the legs tapered a bit to remove any excess fabric that would just make your legs look heavier. Taper straight skirts at the side seams, too. A slight inward angle from low hip to hemline trims at least 10 visual pounds off most women’s bodies.”


Pay Attention to the Buttons

One of the easiest ways to spruce up a piece is to change the buttons, says Nix-Rice, which is something people can easily do for themselves. Buttons can make a huge different to the look of an article of clothing. Changing a button made of bright metal can make a piece more elegant by switching to something with a more matte finish, or perhaps a button with a brushed texture. Matching the buttons to the hair color of the person wearing it can also make clothes look more connected to the wearer. For instance, people with blond hair might do better changing silver buttons to gold. Mother-of-pearl buttons can upgrade a piece with plastic ones and make it instantly look more elegant. Nix-Rice suggests that anyone wanting to learn more about styling with buttons can search on YouTube where there are a lot of instructional videos on the subject.